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Do you need a qualified solar installation team in Cape Cod or the surrounding areas of Barnstable, Chatham, Dennis, Harwich, or Yarmouth? Well, look no further than the expert solar contractors at Cape Cod Solar Solutions. We provide top-notch designs and high-quality installation using our state-of-the-art racking systems.

If you are ready to reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy and start saving on solar power, call today to schedule your consultation and get a FREE quote on our solar services in Cape Cod and nearby.

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Our Solar Service Areas Near Cape Cod, MA

How Residents Benefit From Solar Installation in Barnstable

Have you recently thought about making the switch to solar in Barnstable? Well, now's the right time to do so. The state of Massachusetts and the federal government are currently offering incentives to help residents get solar panels installed.

While these incentives may help reduce the costs associated with installation, they may not be around for much longer. For instance, the federal incentive which currently allows customers to save 26 percent on solar installation will drop to 22 percent in 2023. After 2023, this incentive may disappear entirely.

Don't miss out on your chance to save on solar panel installation. Call us today to schedule your consultation and get a FREE estimate on service in Barnstable.

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Get Commercial Solar Installation in Chatham

Are you a business in Chatham that wants solar panel installation? Not only can residents in Massachusetts benefit from solar incentives, but companies can also benefit from the same incentives. As with residential customers, these savings won't last. So instead of continuing to lose money on one of your most variable expenses - electricity - consider making the switch.

Call today to learn more about the programs and incentives available for solar in Chatham and get a FREE estimate on commercial solar panel installation.

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Keep Your Lights On With Solar Batteries in Dennis

Did you know that if your neighbors experience a power outage, you will also experience one even though you have solar power? If you have a grid-tied system, your power source is independent. But, you are not independent of the grid.

So if your neighbors experience a power outage, you will, too. Fortunately, getting a solar battery is the key to keeping your lights on even if there is no electricity in the local area. When the power is out, your solar battery will provide you with energy until the electric company restores power to the grid.

Would you like to have a solar battery as a backup in case of an emergency in Dennis? Call today to learn more about solar in Dennis, MA.

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Install Solar For Aesthetic Charm on Your Harwich Home

One of the biggest fears many homeowners have about installing solar panels in Harwich is how much it may distract from their beautiful curb appeal. Fortunately, solar panel installers don't apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach to solar installation.

Choosing a harmonious design is an essential part of the installation process. This ensures that you won't have bulky, unattractive panels sticking out from your home's roof like a sore thumb. If you are still not convinced that solar panels will look good on your roof, consider getting solar shingles.

For more information about this latest trend in solar energy, contact us today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote on this service in Harwich.

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Do You Need a Solar Generator For Your Yarmouth Solar System?

As you may already know, without a solar battery, your solar system won't operate during a power outage. While solar batteries can help keep your power own during the outage, they may only hold their charge for up to five days.

Most power outages aren't quite long. However, if you anticipate being in an emergency where your power is out for more than a few days, purchasing a solar generator may be an excellent option. They operate like traditional generators. But, they harness the power of the sun to provide backup power.

If you are ready to invest in a solar generator, call us today to get a FREE quote on services for solar in Yarmouth.

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Save Big with Solar in Plymouth

Electricity rates are on the rise for Cape Cod area residents and businesses, but there is help available to manage the costs. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are an excellent way to offset the price of power, and Plymouth is an ideal location for solar.

There are numerous reasons why Plymouth homeowners should consider solar:

  • The town offers very generous energy incentives and a program that provides significant discounts on PV systems for qualifying residents.
  • Plymouth is located in an area with excellent solar resources, meaning that PV systems will produce plenty of power.
  • Solar PV systems increase the value of your home while also providing energy independence.

If you are a Plymouth resident considering solar, be sure to take advantage of the local and federal tax credits and solar incentives. With the town's support, you can save money on your PV system and make the switch to solar in Plymouth.

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Harness the Sun with Cape Cod Solar!

Most Cape Cod homeowners don't realize the incredible opportunity in front of them to go solar. Get started by giving our solar energy contractors a call today! (774) 771-1446
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