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One great thing about working with Cape Cod Solutions is that we are a full-service solar company. Not only do we install high-quality panels, but we also service them. So, after installing your solar panels, we recommend that you get solar panel maintenance in Cape Cod on your panels at least once a year.

For over a decade, we have helped homeowners fix problems with their solar systems. We work hard to ensure that you receive optimal reception so that you can continue to benefit and save on your solar panels.

Are you ready to schedule your annual solar maintenance inspection? Call today to get a FREE quote on this service.

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Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance in Cape Cod

While our technicians do an outstanding job of installing solar panels, there are times when problems will arise with your system. Getting regular annual maintenance will allow us to help you keep your panels running efficiently. Here are some reasons you should make sure you get solar maintenance in Cape Cod.

  • Keeps your panels working optimally
  • Allows contractors to discover problems before they happen
  • Keeps your solar panels clean and obstruction-free
  • Extends the life of your panels

Do you need solar maintenance for your system? Call us to schedule your annual inspection and get a FREE quote on this essential service.


Troubleshooting Your Solar Inverter

Although problems with your solar system can arise from any part of it, many problems usually are caused by the inverter. The inverter is the control system for your solar panel. Usually, when this goes haywire, it is relatively easy to fix. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to get your inverter back up and running again.

  • Start by rebooting the system
  • Look outside to see if your neighbors have power
  • Check the fault code and use the manual to fix it
  • Make sure the battery is working if you have one

Rebooting the system will fix most problems with your inverter. If it doesn't, it could be a massive power outage in your neighborhood, particularly if your inverter box has no power. Keep in mind that unless you have a battery or a solar generator, a power outage will also shut your solar system down.

If you have fault codes displaying, your manual will usually help you troubleshoot how to fix these faults and get your system back online. Finally, if your battery isn't inserted correctly or has very little power, this could be why your solar system isn't working properly.

After trying these tips you still aren't getting the results you need, it may be time for an inspection. Call us today to schedule and get a FREE quote on solar panel maintenance in Cape Cod.

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The Importance of Keeping Solar Panels Obstruction-Free

Do your solar panels just aren't giving you the output they used to provide when you first had them installed? This could mean that you have something obstructing your solar panels. Obstructions will reduce their energy efficiency.

You may experience a blockage from a tree that is overarching your roof and blocking the sunlight. The branches on a tree may be blocking reception, or leaves and other debris may have fallen on the solar panels. Another block may come from bird poop on your panels. Pigeons love solar panels and may start building nests on them, resulting in bad reception.

Because of the potential for blockages, it is critical for you to get annual solar maintenance. Along with checking for such problems, we also clean your solar panels, which may be loaded with debris. If your block is due to tree branches, it will be a good idea for you to reach out to a tree company to have them prune and trim your branches.

If your panels aren't working like they used to, it may be time for solar maintenance in Cape Cod. So, call us today to schedule your annual maintenance so that we can get your system back on track.



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"Cape Cod Solar Solutions did a wonderful job of guiding us through the solar panel installation process. I received three other proposals and theirs was the best and incredibly thorough. The system is up and running and already saving us on our electric bill. Highly recommend their team…very professional and knowledgable!
- Connor P.

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