Why You Need a Solar Generator in Cape Cod To Power Your Home


A Solar Generator in Cape Cod Is The Perfect Backup Plan

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your solar power if there was a power outage in your neighborhood? Well, if you have a grid-tied system, you will experience the same power outage that your neighbors experience. While your power source is separate from theirs and you reap the benefits of solar power, your power is not completely independent. This is why you should consider getting a solar generator in Cape Cod. 

One of our knowledgeable staff members is standing by to inform you about the solar generators we offer.  Are you ready to ensure that you never have to do without power during a blackout or at any time that you have your solar panels? Call today to get a FREE estimate on a solar generator. 

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What Problems Do Generators Solve?

By now, you know that having a solar generator is a great idea because it can keep your power on when the grid is down. But this isn't the only reason you should consider getting a solar generator. Here are some more reasons you should get a solar generator in Cape Cod MA.

  • Just like your solar system, it uses a renewable energy source.
  • You never have to get a gas can and go look for fuel.
  • You can enjoy backup energy without the noise or smell.
  • They can power various appliances and electronics in your home for a while after a power outage.

Do you want to learn more reasons to purchase a backup solar generator? Call us today to get answers and lock in your FREE estimate on a solar power generator. Check out our company's 5-star reviews!


Get A Solar Generator in MA Now Before Bad Weather Hits

Has the light on your solar inverter changed to a different color, or do you have an error message? Your inverter may be malfunctioning. However, before you start troubleshooting it, you may want to take a look out side first. One of the reasons your solar inverter may be having trouble is that the local power grid is down. So, not only are you without power, but so are your neighbors. 

If you experience a weather emergency, including tornadoes, heavy storms, heavy snow or ice, or high winds, the grid may go out. Even though you have solar power, your grid-tied system will also experience an outage. 

Solar generators and inverters work together to supply you and your family with solar energy when you need it most. Our generators are safe, reliable, and easy to use. We have the right setup you need when an emergency strikes!

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Why You Should Choose Us For Solar

So you want to get solar panel installation on the Cape. Well, that's a great start. But have you thought about who you would like to install your panels with? Many potential customers are so caught up with the idea of getting a solar installation that they don't think about a team that can provide a wholesome solar experience. While many local solar panel companies can only install panels, we are there for you throughout the duration of your solar experience. 

The experts at Cape Cod Solar Solutions work with you to install solar panels at your home or business. Once your panels are installed, we also ensure that they work well by providing maintenance and cleaning services. If you need additional products, such as solar batteries or generators, we also provide such items. 

Wouldn't you want to work with a solar power company that can serve your every need? Call today to get started with your free consultation and estimate. 



See what our customers have to say:
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"Cape Cod Solar Solutions did a wonderful job of guiding us through the solar panel installation process. I received three other proposals and theirs was the best and incredibly thorough. The system is up and running and already saving us on our electric bill. Highly recommend their team…very professional and knowledgable!
- Connor P.

Need Solar For Your Business?

Not only are homeowners taking advantage of our solar systems but so are local businesses. Whether you want to have commercial solar for your small business or would like to have access to a solar farm, we can help you get the solar package you need. Don't delay taking advantage of solar power in Cape Cod. Let us help you get your business off non-renewable energy sources today. Call to schedule an appointment and get your FREE quote. 

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Harness the Sun with Cape Cod Solar!

Most Cape Cod homeowners don't realize the incredible opportunity in front of them to go solar. Get started by giving our solar energy contractors a call today! (774) 771-1446
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