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Learn About Your Solar Power Inverter in Cape Cod, MA

Your solar power inverter in Cape Cod is critical to ensure your solar system works appropriately. Occasionally, there may be problems that could cause your electric bill to rise. If you happen to notice error messages or see that there are no lights or you see flashing lights on your system, call us right away! Cape Cod Solar Solutions can help you troubleshoot the issues so that you don't have to have a high energy bill. Or we can schedule maintenance on your system.

Don't get hit with a high utility bill because of a dysfunctional solar panel inverter. Instead, call us today to come out and help you get your inverter functioning properly.

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Benefits of Grid-Tied or Off-Grid Solar Power Inverters in Cape Cod

When you have a solar system installed in your home, it will most likely be a grid-tied system. The sun powers your system, but you connect to the primary electric grid to get power. Therefore, you aren't entirely independent of the system. So, if anything happens to the main electric grid, such as a power outage, it will affect your ability to get power, too.

With an off-grid system, you won't connect to the main grid, and you will likely pull all your energy from the sun, a battery, and possibly a generator. While such systems make you independent of the grid, you may suffer energy losses on days when it is cloudy or at night. Therefore, having such a system may require you to cut back on energy to accommodate the loss of solar power.

Another option that some people choose is to get a grid-tied system with battery backup. This allows you to have greater independence from the grid while still being on the grid. In addition, with this option, you won't be subject to going without power during power outages in the neighborhood.

If you like to learn more about getting a battery for your solar power inverter, contact us today for a FREE consultation and FREE quote.


If Your Solar Energy Bill Is High, You May Have An Inverter Problem

Solar energy is supposed to save you money on your electric bill. However, if there is trouble with your solar power inverter, you may be surprised to receive a higher than usual bill. The inverter is the heart of your solar system. It is where the sun's energy converts into energy that your electronics and appliances can use. So, if your solar panel inverter is not converting the energy from the sun, then your system will use regular electricity if you have a grid-tied system. This could be the reason why your energy bill is unusually high. Here are a few other ways to know that your inverter is having trouble.

  • There are no lights on your system, there is a flashing light, or a different color light than normal
  • Error messages are showing up on the screen
  • Your inverter is disconnected, or wiring is damaged
  • The inverter is overheating
  • Your inverter's filter needs changing

There are several reasons why you may be having problems with your converter. Sometimes the fix is straightforward. However, if you suspect a significant issue with your inverter, contact us today to schedule and get a quote on maintenance for your solar inverter kit in Cape Cod.

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Ways to Troubleshoot Your Solar Power Inverter in Cape Cod

In many cases, we will have to come out and fix your inverter problem. Unfortunately, if we are busy, it could take a few days for us to get out and check your system and correct the problem. As a result, you could experience more wasted solar energy. On the other hand, if your issue is minor, a little troubleshooting will be able to resolve the problem and get you back to saving on your solar system. Here are some simple ways to check your solar inverter to ensure it is working correctly.

  • Check to see if there is a blackout in your neighborhood (the system won't work if there is)
  • If your grid-tied system has a battery, check to see if there is an easy-to-fix battery issue
  • Attempt to reboot the system
  • Make sure your breakers are in the on position

Sometimes the inverter may not be the culprit. Instead, something may obstruct your solar panels, preventing optimal reception. If you still can't discover why your inverters aren't working correctly, call us today to schedule maintenance and get a quote on solar design services.



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"Cape Cod Solar Solutions did a wonderful job of guiding us through the solar panel installation process. I received three other proposals and theirs was the best and incredibly thorough. The system is up and running and already saving us on our electric bill. Highly recommend their team…very professional and knowledgable!
- Connor P.

Other Solar Services Available

Would you like to get some of our other solar services? One of our primary services is solar panel installation. However, if you already have our solar panels, you may need to schedule regular maintenance on them. With our solar maintenance plan, we check your panels and make sure they are in good shape, and we also ensure that your inverter is working correctly. Solar maintenance could also include cleaning your panels of dirt and debris to ensure they are working optimally. Call today to schedule solar panel service in Cape Cod.

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