Our Solar Energy System Process in Cape Cod Can’t Be Beat!


Solar Energy System Cape Cod - The Best Methods & Process

More Than Just a Solar Installation Team

You may be wondering what makes us stand out from the other solar companies in the local area. Well, our process for installing our solar energy system in Cape Cod is one of the reasons our customers love us. We ensure our customers understand the process and get the most out of solar energy savings.

Another reason we are a cut above the rest is that we are more than just an installation team. So if you have problems with your system, need cleaning, or annual maintenance, you can count on us. And if you need additional tools to make you more independent from the electric grid, we have solar batteries and generators. 

Do you need more reasons to get our technicians to install your solar energy system for home? Let's talk. Call Cape Cod Solar Solutions today to learn more about your options and get a free estimate. 

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Guaranteed Results

Our Process is As Easy As Pie

With our quick customization, you'll be saving on energy in no time!
Step 1

Request a FREE Consultation

Our process starts with a phone call. Simply call one of our knowledgeable consultants to learn more about the benefits of solar energy and the various federal and local incentives available to help reduce your upfront costs. After the FREE consultation and approval of our services, you'll be well on your way to saving on solar energy. 
Step 2

Discuss Your Options With Our Experts

What are your options for your residential solar energy system? You can get solar panels mounted on your home or some part of your property, depending on how good reception is in your area. You can also reduce your upfront costs at tax time if you qualify for many of the incentives available to help with solar energy. Additionally, you can opt out of solar panels altogether and choose solar shingles, which is one of our more seamless options. 
Step 3

Get a Quality, Customized Design

When you are ready to get solar panel installation, you can count on your panels to be one of a kind. We work with our customers to develop solar panels that aren't only functional but also blend beautifully into your home's architecture to achieve quality curb appeal. 
Step 4

Get Approved For Your Solar Design

Once we determine the best solar design for your home, we can't get right to work on your design. We must await approval from local agencies to ensure that your design is acceptable for installation. Since we have a track record for creating beautiful and functional solar designs, you won't have to wait long for approval on your solar panel design. 
Step 5

Have Our Team Install Your Solar Panels

Upon getting approval for your design, we send our team out to install your solar panels. In a short time, you will have your panels up and running so that you can start to enjoy savings on energy and start your commitment to a better environment. 


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Cape Cod Solar Solutions did a wonderful job of guiding us through the solar panel installation process. I received three other proposals and theirs was the best and incredibly thorough. The system is up and running and already saving us on our electric bill. Highly recommend their team…very professional and knowledgable!
- Connor P.

Plenty of Solar Tools

One great thing about our solar company is that there are plenty of options! Not only are there plenty of incentives available to help with upfront costs, but there are also plenty of design choices and several solar tools you can purchase to keep your solar system operating at its best. 

One-Stop Solar

Are you worried that you will have to shop around from one solar company to the next to get the services you need for your solar system? Not with us! We are a one-stop-shop for all things solar. Therefore, from the point of installation to regular maintenance, you can count on us to provide the services you need to keep your panels running optimally. 

Great Curb Appeal

Are you worried that your solar panels will stick out from your roof like a sore thumb? You don't have to worry about that with us! We ensure that our designs are gorgeous and blend well with your home's architecture to ensure great curb appeal. And if you still don't like the idea of panels protruding from your roof, consider getting our solar shingles. 

Harness the Sun with Cape Cod Solar!

Most Cape Cod homeowners don't realize the incredible opportunity in front of them to go solar. Get started by giving our solar energy contractors a call today! (774) 771-1446
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